Every Wednesday night at 6:30pm to 8:00pm our teens from Grades 7-12 get together for a time of fun, fellowship, and digging into the Word! Come join us!  To learn more, contact Erik Havumaki.

Every Wednesday night at from 6:30pm to 8:00pm our kids from grades 1-6 get together for fun, games and to learn about the Bible! 

To learn more, contact Victoria Graczyk at Office@LibertyCommunity.com

Every Wednesday night we provide nursery for children in K and under. For more information contact Victoria Graceyk.

Adult programs

At Liberty Community Church, we offer various ministries for adults tailored to your life stage or personal interests.

Our Adult Ministries offer many opportunities to meet in small groups, to study God’s Word and grow friendships on Sundays and throughout the week. We offer large scale events and conferences to help you grow as a follower of Jesus Christ. 

Stay in the loop by going to our  "WHATS HAPPENING" page or

  Liberty Girlfriends FaceBook page or Liberty Men FaceBook page.

Contact the office at 203.234.1938 of Office@LibertyCommunity.com

email prayer chain

Send your prayer request to PrayerChain@LibertyCommunity.com

As a community of Christians we want to truly care for one another, and there is no better way to do this than prayer!

If you'd like to receive our prayer requests so you can join us in praying for them, 

contact office@LibertyCommunity.com and ask to be added to the list.